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The best part of my job?

Simple! Spending time in the vineyard, watching the grapes grow, and then experience the magic of their final transformation.

The labels of my wines are really special: they have all been designed by my wife, Laura.

In addition to wine, we also manage a 4-hectare hazelnut grove for the production of the prized Tonda Gentile Trilobata Hazelnut, which we allocate partly to businesses and partly to our private customers.

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Dogliani DOCG

Red wine obtained from Dolcetto grapes grown on the hills of Dogliani, with a ruby red color, velvety and fruity, leaving a slightly bitter aftertaste, all in perfect harmony. It pairs perfectly with any meal.

Langhe Barbera DOC

Red wine obtained from Barbera grapes, characterized by its dry, harmonious, and full-bodied flavor. It pairs excellently with both red and white meats as well as cheeses.


Sweet and fragrant wine with a delicate, sweet, and aromatic flavor. It is a classic dessert wine. The name of this wine comes from a word in Piedmontese referring to the sunniest and most favorable part of the hills. It is so named because the grapes for this wine come precisely from those vineyards well-exposed to the sun.

Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

A ruby red wine, more or less intense, with garnet reflections for aged wine. The aroma is faint and delicate, reminding of raspberry and violet. Dry taste, with good body, rightly tannic, velvety and harmonious when young. Served at 18°-20°C, it pairs well with meats, cold cuts, and cheeses.

Toasted Hazelnuts

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