Winery in Dogliani

Il Vigneto

Discovering a 400-year-old story in Dogliani
Come and taste our wine and hazelnuts in the heart of Langhe.

Our Traditions

As Simple As It Used To Be

Making good wine is a simple idea.. From the vineyard to the bottling stage, I stick to traditional methods, using minimal yeasts and sulfites. That’s why my wines change every year, capturing the essence of the vintage.

But making wine is about more than just the process…it’s about conviviality, family, and passion!

We are closely connected to the traditions of our land, so much so that Il Vigneto proudly houses a 400-year-old cellar, partly hand-dug into the tuff.

“I love seeing how grapes grow, from the early stage to harvest, and then turning into wine.”

Andrea Taricco

Our Story

The Roots of Il Vigneto

Since I was a child, I have been following my dad Bruno around. Despite having another job, he took care of our family vineyards. In 2016, inspired by his passion, I decided to leave everything behind and take over the Dolcetto and Barbera vineyards planted by my great-grandfather.

I got involved and learned how to prune, tie, and do all the work in the vineyards. I also planted new Nebbiolo vineyards and added hazelnut trees for the production of Tonda Gentile Trilobata Hazelnuts.

The hard work started to pay off in 2020,when I began with the first 1000 bottles. Now I am proud to produce 5000 bottles per year.

Starting from just two hectares, I’ve managed to expand to a total of 9 hectares, including vineyards and hazelnut groves.

I am lucky to have the support of two special people: my uncle Giovanni, who helps me in the vineyards, and my mother Mariella, who assists me during tastings.

It has been quite a journey, with its fair share of challenges and uncertainties, but looking back, I’m proud of the progress I have made and I hope to keep growing with my small agricultural company.